For the July 4th, we went to the Essence Festival. This festival is huge this was the second time we came out here for this. Celebrities travel in from everywhere to attend events throughout the city of New Orleans. We were there to do a video thing with Samsung and attended the big event at the Dome. It was great. On our free time, we got to venture off dancing in the street, meeting random people with instruments. I also enjoyed going to the convention center where all the booths and different brands do something fun. You can literally spend all day walking around that center. New Orleans is so much fun. Don't forget you are allowed to drink on the streets, love the freedom. 
The energy is just so great, the music and the people are just chill and nice. Angela had to attend a speaking engagement and be part of a panel. I enjoyed myself. I also enjoyed the style In New Orleans. Looking at the sites and just the swag. It’s so relaxed and cool. Real modern day hippie like lol. Oh, yeah and if you get a chance go to the Saint Hotel. It’s super dope and stylish. They have rooms with themes. Like Angel of Gabrielle, they even have a Lucifer room. Oddly enough that was the best room. When you go you have to stay there at least once I promise it’s worth it. Last but not least you have not experienced New Orleans until you go to Cafe du Monde and had their famous beignets so good... Take a look at the video we did while we were there too. I will be back real soon NOLA, you were good to me.