One of my first trips being a personal assistant to Angela Simmons was a week in Nigeria. She was hosting a big fashion show out there and I had the opportunity to tag along. It was so cool. I never been to anywhere besides the Caribbeans going to Africa was such a experience. You are supposed to get shots by the way. We went to Lagos, Nigeria. It's more city like, some just like me thought I would see tigers and giraffes but Lagos was like a regular city. One of the most memorable things on this trip I loved was the music and dance. I love the way Nigerians dance and their style. I been watching videos since so I can learn it. I will conquer the azonto one of these days.

The fashion was amazing. If you dont know me, you dont know that I am a feen for prints. As we know Africa is know for their culture prints and its just so vibrant and creative. I love it. Nigeria is just a part of Africa, after being here I want to travel other places in Africa to see the difference. I had a great time and will definitely want to travel there again.