Traveling Secrets

Since you can't pack for every occasion, including an unexpected weather change it's best to take these traveling tips for every traveler. Weather looking into exploring a Caribbean island, Europe, Asia, South America or Africa there are so many resources the internet and other travelers can give each other to help travel safe, on a budget or like a King or Queen.

Im not a travel guru or anything but I am learning along they way. Here are 15 of my top travel tips. More to come soon....

1. Dry Cleaning Bags to the Rescue
Use a dry cleaning bag to your advantage, it’s like instant Botox for your clothes. The bag’s slippery surface doesn't keep clothes in place for long enough for creasing. And an iron is not needed. Easy upgrade: Place a bag between each layer of clothing. To get to a certain layer quickly, simply pull the ends of the bag up on either side so each bag is sticking out of each layer. Pack things that are flexible and can be worn different ways on different days, and different occasions. Some people have a traveling staples in their closet that works for every flight and landing occasion.

2. Your Dirty Laundry
Shrink it. Pack it, real good. Made from nylon-reinforced polyethylene for durability and easily packed into small compartments, this Eagle Creek Pack-It Compressor bags for $11.95 on, or Compression Packing Bags - Set of 2 (16.99) works perfectly for clothes that need to be compressed. No need for a vacuum cleaner to space pack all your dirty laundry away. Just use these easy bags, same one's advertised for space packing. Placing dryer sheets between the clothes that don't need to be ironed creates clean fresh clothes, that may be just a bit wrinkled.

3. Your Jewelry
When traveling to other countries I am not only aware of the best route to take from the airport but also about bringing jewelry on the flight, especially big fancy pieces, I often travel to Haiti and been warned that people might mistake you for being rich or a made target. But taking jewelry with you is great if all items stay separate, small and hidden. Putting pieces of jewelry in containers that are made for film or small square bottles you can keep them all separate, and wear the most expensive jewels while you're on your flight, this creates the ability bring theft down.

4. Your Breakables
Makeup and powder easily break and can be spun in the middle of the clothes you have. Wrapped safely in clothing that is plush and cushioned can cause less breakage. A hard case suitcase has helped me so much when traveling with makeup or other delicate items.

5. Sea -Sick/ Motion -Sickness

Try to choose a set at the middle fo the plane or in the middle of the cruise ship close to the sea line or a lower level cabin. This causes less movement in these areas. Fresh air helps with motion sickness, opening the vent's and, eating a light meal, or getting plenty of rest prior. Also taking motion sickness pills or wearing an acupuncture wristband or eating ginger can stop the pressure of the feeling of vomiting and nausea.

6. Bring Workout Clothes
Working out while on vacation may seem like a hassle, but what's a little workout after eating all you can while traveling. Nowadays I always bring workout clothes to whenever I travel. Working out and taking a time out from all the parties and fun activities that we do is great. I love it very refreshing. This helps with cramps and the occasional change in air from one location to another. Also taking up a new class in the gym may stimulate your blood to keep on flowing while having a relaxing vacation. I try to make it habit to do a hike or make some time for the workout on vacay or take a class at the hotel. Vacation is all about getting away and rejuvenating yourself. It's the best feeling to workout somewhere new and in a different country.

7. Extra Space for Shopping
While in your dignified country buying souvenirs, spices, traditional clothes or heritage items as keepsakes are so much fun for the memory back home. Remembering your travels through wardrobe may help the blues when back home. When I traveled to Barbados I bought items off the beach to remember the heritage of the country. I found that you can get a good price with independent vendors instead of in store. Also, the keepsake always lets me remember the country. If you plan on bringing back signature items from one country to another remember to keep an open suitcase just for those items or open space in your suitcase.

8. Tech Ready
I come tech ready everywhere I go. I tend to leave my laptop at home most of the time because I hate the check-in for airport security. Selfie stick (check). Pack an underwater camera for a tech ready trip, if I have a camera I always carry accessories like extra headphones, camera lenses for cellphones and taking pictures of all the events even in water, you are going to a whole other world, you must be sure you are ready to capture anything. Thank god I have the biggest GB phone so that I never run out of space. If traveling to Europe be sure to expect to purchase a new outlet for your chargers, laptop, and tablet. Having different adapter may help you capture everything at all times.

9. Planning Your Car service Prior / Travel Agent
An app called wingz, set's your car service from the airport immediately. They specifically have a cab stand at the most popular airports in America. A funny little tip is you can know the price from airport to the hotel though this app immediately, opening up your budget for expected cost. When I traveled to Brazil I booked myself with one travel agent. Made it so much easier as everything was out of me and my friend's hands and was able to do payment plans in advance. You can also do payment plans with Everything is well organized.

10. The Throwback - Save a Rubie, Dollar or Yen
When traveling find out about the currency exchange prior. Sometimes it's best to be ahead of the game and exchange your money before you land. You can exchange your money at your local bank, it takes 1-2 weeks for me to get my Brazilian real money and it saved me because my friends exchanged in Brazil and it was super super expensive. We tend to want to stay at the trendiest hotels, see the tourist places in the heart of the capital. But finding out about the less built up ( less touristy) area's for food and entertainment (you may feel like your missing out on all the new fancy hotels and entertainment) but by checking out the old structure of a city, you can find cheap food and heritage like entertainment, maybe even feel more like a local than a tourist.

11. Visa- Never leave home with it!
When I went to Africa it was for work, a simple itinerary for all of my travel was planned. I tend to research important rules and regulations for each country, it is important because many countries you have to get shots first. It's mandatory. You also need a visa when traveling to Africa or Brazil. But do research we were in line at the visa building a few weeks before we traveled to Brazil and found out we were traveling during the Olympics YAY! As a result, we didn't have to get one..... so we were able to keep that money, another win for budgeting towards travel expenses.

12. Stay or travel with a friend (Female Safety)
Traveling alone as a woman is sometimes dangerous, having a friend who lives in the city who can guide you around or travel as a pair to unknown places can help. Use your google search to see how heavy crime rates are in each area. If the crime rate is high traveling to nomadic areas for a safer stay can help, or going to highly clean and organized cities on your list of traveling places. I've never traveled alone if so be sure to have your own water and always have a charge on your phone just in case anything pops off.

13. Airlines, Flights and Airport Tips
Flying out on Wednesday saved on average $40 each flight domestically, booking a flight for the early morning you can save money, instead of flying out the most expensive day Sunday. The most traveled airports in the US are LA, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta the best day to pre-book your flight going and return is Monday and Tuesday. Booking a flight from JFK to Los Angeles seems to be the most expensive Wednesday though Sunday. The airlines and fighting for the lowest price release the lower rates the first of the week. Try Skyscanner, jet radar, and Trip adviser to book flights while comparing the prices consistently, if booking your flight 6 weeks in advance you can receive the best price.

14. Where you rest head matters
Booking the most convenient Hotel or Air BNB can ensure your stay will be relaxing. Location, Price, Picture and clear descriptions are key. I booked my Air BnB in Miami and it was one of my favorite experiences. Finding a house or private room close to the Blvd. close to the top resturants, Bars, Galleries and Nightlife in minutes took the cake for me. I enjoy also the home like experience. For upscale hotels or resorts, innovative luxury service is felt. Spa's, Pools, 5-star restaurants and a full staff can be accommodated if booking a luxury room. The space is enormous like mini- apt's with upstairs and downstairs areas. Bottle service and staff included.


15. Rules and Regulations
Whenever you are going to another country even another state learn the laws and the rules of that history of the country. When I traveled to Barbados I was given dirty looks at airport's because of when I travel I usually wear my fav army fatigue pants because it's baggy and comfortable and keeps warm on the plane. When we land in Barbados I noticed some people looking at me up and down, at first I just thought that's the new airport I was in. Then a women takes me to side and says how army fatigue pants is illegal here, but anyway she recommended me to change my pants ASAP before I get out of the airport and to hide the pants the rest of the trip. I did just that. And now all the stares were turned into smiles. Just like Barbados there are different laws and regulations you can do one place and not the other. So be careful and play by the rules so you don't get locked up and put in a Mexican jail. Lol


Safe travels :)