Right now I'm fuming
Cuz I'm only human
No matter how much I try, I can't seem to fly
I am reminded, I am not Wonder Woman
Born with flaws
Just a girl from Brooklyn
No I'm not Ms. Clause
But my heart is turning cold
like the North Pole
When I sit back and zoom in
My life
Is what seems to be a never ending fight
I'm only human
Right now I'm fuming
I just need a moment to pause
And see what is the cause
Imperfection was built in me
I don't get why they don't see
I can never be perfect
In retrospect
That isn't my job
Not to be a snob
They look at me expecting
to reflect HIS perfection
But I'm only human
See that's why I'm fuming
I try over and over again
I disappoint and so do they
But they always find a way
To point and say
It's me! to this day...
But wait
God said
We all make mistakes
So why do they have so much hate
I may hurt you
And you may hurt me
Do they hurt more than me?
Is their pain greater than mine
We all make mistakes
God said
He is judge
why do they hold a grudge
Why don't they see what THEY do wrong
But I just bite my tongue
Because this thing is supposed to be lifelong
Inseparable since we were young
Yes they hurt me
And I forgive over and over again
Cuz who am I to say
That's the wrong way
Yes it sucks sometimes
They say it will all heal over time
It's not like they committed a crime
So why do I feel like I'M always on trial
Even when I feel I go the extra mile
Again, I am sorry
I never internationally meant to hurt you
I'm fuming because I'm only human
I tried to be the perfect daughter, sister
friend and lover
But the fact remains
I'm only human
Now I get why you are fuming