"Easier Said Than Done" Written By Johanna Desrosiers

quotes are fun, but its easier said than done.

1.they say “live your life with no regrets.”
But I wish I could forget what happened that day in may…
I say…. easier said than done.
quotes are just for fun,
but we all have that one mistake that we wish we never made
or that person we hope we never met

2. were not on the same page we grew apart
they say “accept the things that you cannot change.”
But you still have my heart.
To accept that you wont be mine?
And that it will go away over time?
easier said than done.
quotes are not so fun. :(

3. “good things come to those who wait” now that quote is a debate. first off nothing good will come to you by sitting around but on the other hand, rushing into things just gets you a rushed thing if u write a story to fast a happy ending doesn’t last

4. “don’t give up” after you been defeated countless times and your burdens weigh a ton. “dont give up” is easier said then done. but wait quotes are confusing too. don’t give up? but he’s playing you for a fool everyday with a new chick in his arms in school. thinking he is so so cool. dont give up??? shaking my head sometimes quotes just suck !

5. “if it’s meant to be it will be”
see quotes have you believing the unseen. giving us a false hope of something happening only in our dreams. you messed up and kissed his friend and really think he gonna want you back lol what a joke.
or how bout he is your past. but he moved on fast and you still there believing…
he will come back? your still dreaming!!!!
if its meant to be it will be easier said then done.

6. “everything happens for a reason.”
and you were supposed to be just a season ?? so I endured all that hurt/tears for what reason.
and the reason my friend stabbed me in the back and expected me to get over that. bitter and broken you want me to think everything happens for a reason… easier said then done.

yes, we will regret things in life.
yes, we may lose friends at an expensive price. yes sometimes you have to give up and it will Suck. yes, we will fail and sometimes just wanna yell. yes, we will get our heart broken…. and THIS is life not sugarcoated.
Life doesn’t have a remote where you can erase or change it. It is what it is. Life is what you make it. We are all humans and we make mistakes and those very mistakes you hate will make you become a great….
so through the good and bad times live your life. and get hype because you only have one life to live. so you don’t gotta do it again (laughs out loud) 

remember “life goes on.”