"Sorry x Infinity" Written by Johanna Desrosiers

Sorry the way things ended.
I said things i didnt mean
I uderstand that you felt offended
Sometimes i wish it was all just a bad dream
And That we were still together
Waking up in your arms
Holding me tight
Then we start to play fight
You put on that charm
Knowing what will happen next
Watching the way you stare
Ughhh I miss you so
I wanted us to grow
But i already know
Im sorry
Sorry the way things ended.
You were my first you were my only
The homie
Being with you had its perks
You always knew how to make me smirk
Even when i was mad or sad
You were the only person i could truly be my self with
There was no need to hold back or front
You accepted me for me
Ughh i miss you so
I just want to say im sorry
Sorry the way things ended.
I understand if you felt offended.
I hope we can be cool once more
I am always here for you
If you ever need someone to talk to or lean on
I understand we cant be anything more

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