"Where Did It All Go Wrong"

Where did it all go wrong?
we used to be so cool now we argue every day like we are in grade school
Where did it all go wrong?
I was spoiled by your loud singing and soft whispers when you would hold me when it slowly stopped I became sour
Where did it all go wrong ?
we got off track but its even harder to get back
to where we was at
we tried n tried but always fell flat
where did it all go wrong ?
our friendship was fading
less loving n more hating
we were growing apart
and ripping each others hearts
we both made mistakes
and attempted to forget n try again for the teams sake
but the team was dead a long time ago.
we didn’t talk no more
we ran out of words to say
we hardly went out on dates
you stayed out late
I prayed for fate
days became a week
then the week made US weak
our love was dying
and so was a lil bit of us inside that was trying
I lost hope
you couldn’t cope.
time after time we would break up to make up
it was becoming the same rhyme
till that day
you walked away
and I said I quit
broken weary and weak
I was tired
moving on seemed easy at first but day after day the memories came rushing back as if I was cursed
to never be able to forget what we shared
I still cared
no matter what I did to try have fun I couldn’t get you out of my mind I couldn’t hide
you became bitter
and I was called the quitter
not knowing how I felt inside
I was still by your side
your ride n die.
I pray and pray for something to change
I miss my friend
n I couldn’t pretend
but when I reached out to you
you made me look like a fool
I guess we aint cool
friends to lovers to enemies
never did I think
I would lose my best friend
we been thru so much
to think that was the end
was not fair
I shared so much memories
and deep talks and laughters and sometimes tears
now I fear
u dont ever what me near
Where did it all go wrong?

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