#JoWEARS: These Boots Were Made For Walking

I got new bootssssssss! I went online and found these beauties on Dollskill.  They dont have available anymore unfortunately but I know EGO shoes has them too but they can be very slow with shipping sometimes. I love these boots. A standout a piece to say the least and comfortable. The difficult thing about standout shoes is you have to balance it out with a outfit that is tones it down. I wore these boots for the first time for my best friends engagement party in NYC and dress code was no jeans. So as you can imagine that was a task as jeans is my safety net to play it cool on any wardrobe. I really wanted to wear the boots so i challenged myself to wear a black bottom which for obvious reasons since the boots are black i would have preferred not to. I ended up wearing this skort (Shorts that look like a skirt) from Zara and an animal printed turtle neck for some flavor. The faux fur coat is also from Zara. I lost some weight and noticed that the outfit didn't fit quite how I would picture it, but all in all the boots was a hit. My feet didn't get tired once, I danced the night away in them. This fit was a little different then my usual tomboy-ish style but sometimes you gotta switch it up. I cant wait to wear these boots again and get more creative with the outfit. Stay tuned.