I Love The Puffer Coat

About The Coat
Back in the day what we used to call the bubble coat, for those who didn't know a bubble coat according to the urban dictionary are those big air filled coats popular with inner city folks that easily make someone appear twice as fat as they are and make it virtually impossible for them to take up only one seat on public transportation. That sounds accurate! Well those coats have evolved and FYI the not so hood or "correct" term is "puffer coat" 

This coat used to be one of my warmest coat but I stopped rocking it for the very reason, like urban dictionary mentioned, it is was big and at the time they were very limited on styles and colors, well thats if you were on a smaller budget like me you got the same North Face everyone else had.  I always wanted the Tommy Hilfiger bubble coat. The ones from the 90s have made a comeback.

The bubble coat aka puffer coat has been around since the 1930's and it seems that this epidemic is here to stay. Puffer coats come in many different shapes and are available in a number of styles and colors. Some are long coats. Some are puffer vest with hoods trimmed in faux fur. Others may be short jackets with extra puffy quilting. There is a coat for your mom, your grandmother, your brother. This is a puffer for everyone. 

When I got my first bubble coat they had just created these styles for the women, funny because even then I preferred the guy version, the shape and style was just more swagger than the girls'. But we are in the era where chicks like me who prefer kicks or "The Stylish Tomboys" are in. Today I am seeing less of that ugly girl version of the bubble. Since the 90s I haven't purchased another bubble coat for a 
while till one day my brother came home with samples from Rocawear. I had my eye on that brown and red puffer coat and the moment I got the opportunity I took and it has been mine since. Also below that picture is my most recent purchase from the ASOS online store where they resell and carry many other brands. This fun bright colored coat was on sale it's from a brand called PUFFA. I haven't heard much about them previously but I love the fun bubbly logo that they place on most of their coats so very bold and cute.

Why You Need A Puffer Coat in Your Closet:
  • it keeps you warm in this cold cold world
  • water resistant
  • no need sacrifice style for warmth
  • cool and stylish 
  • ideal for a variety of winter activities and atmospheres
  • comfortable (no itchy, tight coats please!) 
  • lightweight 
    Eddie Bauer could hardly have known that the quilted down technology he created for his 1936 Skyliner jacket would become a symbol for the disruption of the Paris fashion industry.  From gowns to vegan puffer coats, there are no limits to where this puffer style can go. The wonderful thing about these coats is that since there are so many different types, you can get one in almost any price range. Looking through Instagram and Pinterest I found so many more fun coats that I love and hope to get in my closet one day. Check out my Instagram stories for the brands. Below are some puffer coats that are seriously chic and that won't ruin your outfit, in fact, I don't think you will want to take it off. Because it makes your outfit. THE PUFFER COAT IS A VIBE. Leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite or if you know some other cool brand puffer coats!