The NYE Outfit

Starting the year in style is KEY!

How you bring in the New Year is always a topic of discussion. For me this is big concern because it determines my vibe and outfit to wear. And this year was no different. Luckily I was able to plan ahead for once, with my friend working an event in Brooklyn it made my choice much easier. 

So the plan was the big party in the East Williamsburg Warehouse presented by Bang On NYC. Two stages with different set times and Dj's playing mostly  techno/pop music. Real Caucasian, bop your head, jump and fist pump kinda vibe. And there was a silent disco during the night too. Bang On NYC is known for their crazy installations they filled the warehouse with massive spinning planetarium, psychedelic art installations, art cars, fire breathers and so much more.

Knowing what kind of event, or what to expect matters when planning any outfit. With all that in mind, this year I wanted to go with the real fun and vibrant look. My friend gave us a heads up to think around the lines of "burning man" attire. But with the freezing weather and lack of time I didn't go full out. As time got closer I stumbled on a instagram page on the explore page and find the perfect jumpsuit. Rainbow striped sequin halter jumpsuit, it was perfect so  I purchased right away and hoped it would fit and work out. I got my jumpsuit from I loved it. Although very itchy, I mean what can you expect with anything that has sequin you are bound to itch. I was able to put leggings under the pants part of the jumpsuit to eliminate the itch and to be more comfortable. The outfit was a hit. Everyone came to me during the party or on social and loved it. Best feeling is wearing an outfit and getting praise and compliments for it. For me thats big because I really do care about how I wear things and why I style myself the way I do. I had a blast and best of all the pants was long so I opted out of heels this year. Knowing the type of event it was I decided to wear my chunky spice girl platform boots from H&M and since it was cold time to time I would throw on a vintage leather jacket from Urban Outfitters. I was able to dance all night. Me and my friends made sure we took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the night. 

So my tip for you guys is. Know where you are going, know what type of event you are going to and then shop.

"Always Dress for the Occasion"