Fall Must Have: The Leather Jacket

With the season’s changing do you feel as if you want to buy every jacket, hat, and jean under the sun? I wake to 53-degree’s weather and I’m surprised by the sudden cold hitting my feet. We’ve been spoiled with good leather, it’s October I forget the Fall season calls for flannel shirts and jeans. As I look out of my window preparing for my day, I celebrate with the anticipation that I will be able to wear my favorite favorite clothing, my leather jacket, in black, yellow, or any other array of colors.

I look in my shopping basket online and see the YSL jacket I always wanted. I wish! It’s all for for show no purchase will be made. But a girl can dream! Staring in my closet half-naked and thinking what will I wear? I know no matter how sweet a dress is, or how simple an outfit looks a leather jacket brings just the right amount of “bad assness” to any outfit. 

You think to yourself, can I pull off that look? Can I be that girl?

 I’ve styled my own jacket different ways every time I rock mine, any woman can pull it off. 

Picking the right fit, crop, and heaviness of leather is one of the things I remember when shopping. This season when I am shopping I catch myself looking for colored leathers. I am on a hunt for a dope chocolate leather and hunter green leather. I also feel like an over sized leather is a must have this season. 

Tips when shopping for a Leather Jacket

1. Vintage or new? A new jacket will take longer years of wear and tear. There is a science to breaking in a new leather jacket, a hassle. Stiff arms and backs for weeks. But once broken in the leather becomes a 2nd skin. This updated new age style some times has fur on the inside and collar and doesn't have shoulder pads or a boxy fit. For vintage or an already broken in jacket Buffalo Exchange or Screaming MiMi's stores in NYC are the less trendy/ classic vintage jacket's with a twist. They have plenty of Screaming MiMi's leathers in an assortment of vintage styles.

Vintage - Screaming MiMi's

2. Shoulder pads or Motorcycle fit? Why can’t I have it all? I choose both. I find that shoulder pads don't work if you have a really athletic shape or are top heavy . A smaller silhouette calls for more structure with solder pads. The classic motorcycle jacket is the answer to every style question. It works for all body types. Hugging the mid area and usually fits the arms and body in a tight manner, the silver hardware and zippers are and extra add on making the style so versatile. This outfit calls for a skinny jean to be paired with it.

3. Expensive or Economical?
For an economically priced leather I prefer Zara’s leather jacket's and style also H&M always has trendy leathers in all colors and fits. The best answer to my YSL blues is Asos online shopping store.

4. Leather or Pleather?
Some eco-friendly people may enjoy pleather. The manufacturing of this fabric has become better over the years and is less taboo for fashionista's. I suggest pleather if on a budget or saving the planet. Topshop has plenty of pleather jacket that resemble leather.

More Leather Jacket Options:

H&M - Make me Chic ASOS - Bonanza


I reach in the back of my closet and look for my favorite leather jacket tucked away. A trench coat won’t do, and no not a knit or a bubble coat, just a wonderful cropped leather. I find it and begin to prepare for my day. I’ve bought an outfit to life. Leather... Must Have