I love shopping but sometimes I have to remind myself that I have clothes at home when it's time to step out. For me every outfit is remixed by the details. How you style and accessories your outfits make that fit has its own personality. Here is a clear example. 

First outfit is more sporty, with my box braid space bun do it is giving more laid back so I topped it off with this flight jacket for an oversized look versus me in my mullet era the swag is automatically different.


In my mullet era so automatically my style morphed. With the new viral jacket I just brought I figured it would be nice mix tones to wear this fit again. Adding the very sporty, furture-istic glasses topped it off. This viral Zara jacket was cropped so for more of a clean and balanced look I tied my graphic tshirt in the back with a scrunchie (knowing I wouldn't be taking my jacket off anywhere lol) Tip this jacket is a whole other vibe without the belt, remove it. 


Blue Menswear Bomber Jacket - Zara
Outkast Graphic T-Shirt 


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