#JoWears: Why Handbags are Clutch to Every Look. Ten Tips on How to Wear Your Handbag

They always say a girl's best friend is diamonds. Well, #JOJOSAYZ it's their handbag. Think about it; the purse is where you hold everything sacred to you. Your right-hand man. Held close to your heart. The handbag is like the ketchup on top of french fries. Your look isn't complete without it. The handbag is often the most underestimated accessory. But think, a basic black dress can be transformed for every occasion with just a bag. The right handbag can flatter your figure and complete a favorite outfit.  Here are ten tips and ways to style your look with a bag and how to shop and maintain them. 
  1. Match your shoes to your purse
  2. Rock the bag don't let the bag rock you. You Won't Believe What the Way Your Carry Your Bag Says About You! via Glamour  
  3. Determine your mood and the occasion to decide what style bag
  4. A pop of color is always chic
  5. Mismatching is ok don't be afraid to have fun with different prints.
  6. Keep it Chic. Play with texture.  
  7. Luxury Brands are nice, but there is a lot of smaller brands with high-quality bags as well. Give them a shot. 
  8. Variety over Quality over Quantity 
  9. Take care of your bag. WhoWhatWear has an excellent article "How To Care for Purses" Check it out very helpful, Purses are so crucial in pulling an outfit together, it’s worth it to maintain its quality for as long as you can.
  10. Every girl needs an everyday bag. Buy a neutral color bag that is year round and looks great with most of your outfits. The colors are shades of several whites, metallic, navy, grey, and black.

Have fun and dare to be more than average. Shop my closet on Poshmark to get some dope handbags: https://poshmark.com/closet/jojosayz

Hair: Amazon
Faux Fur Coat: HM
Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Aldo