If The Shoe Fits.

This season and pretty much every season shoes are on the menu as the blowout item that can change an outfit instantly aka  "Outfit Makers" I figured I would share some of my handy dandy style tips for this Spring/Summer season approaching us.

The point is to look like a million bucks and save some money for the summer when festivals and concerts emerge again. In the spirit, of NYC fly footwear and the idea that unique footwear is the corner stone of where your eyes greet a person first, I introduce theses designers that are critically acclaimed and handmade by an African artesian.

Enjoying the ascetic of a shoe’s is great, but the fit and comfortably is major. How often can woman buy a shoe that is conformable and fit well. Like most women, I have a thing for shoes. I have a closet full of them, some are literally just there for eye candy because they kill me poor toes.What is the point of having a sexy pair of shoes that no one can see you wear outside of your home? 

 A collection of shoes, sneakers, boots and heels are the core of an outfit. Here are some designers not new to the world but making waves in the shoe industry. These woman and men of color have shoes from all price ranges and styles that fit all styles from a sweet style full of bows to across the globe patient leather retro revised pumps.The first designer, Aminah Abdul Jillil her first shoe collection took off when RiRi wore one of her shoes in music video in 2012. Her collection screams lux and chic.

When shopping for shoes sometimes we fail to realize the details that is put into the shoes when its made. Not just any pair but one’s made with hand crafted artisan’s is the dream, those who have had the tradition of making these shoes centuries before fashion and there designated area before fashion called it cool, Brother Vellies represents a brand that has great ties to its brand identity and have made these a woman’s first try a buy.

This brings the interest into a shoe designer from across the globe who have the same idea as the customer, your footwear represents its self as a small unique introduction to the world. NYC is built on having fly footwear and offsetting the idea of great unique shoes with designers that have a unique eye for individual textures and even a heritage that represents the customized footwear for all sizes and shapes is alluring with the added touch of hand crafted custom made designs and fit.


See below for some additional sites you can shop for shoes. Good luck shoe hunting!!  




"You don't need a whole new wardrobe to update your look! Just let one of those statement pieces do all the work" 

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