#JoWears Vintage Can Be Fun

 I noticed alot of people turn away from old school patterns or vintage style pieces. Yes at first this jumpsuit seemed like something my mom would pick out for me but as a challenge I purchased it telling myself that I will be able to wear it one day and make it cute. I love those challenges and most of the time its great. I got the jumpsuit from forever 21. My tshirt I put underneath is a Bon Jovi tshirt from Urban. Its very light and easy to wear something like this. I throw it together and just rocked it hard. It was cute not my go to outfit but a good day to day. I have a weird body shape where I feel like I have long legs but I am not that tall haha. I def would prefer if this pants was a little bit longer but either way. Another day another outfit. Let me know if I should return these things. Lol