#JoWears: Sunday Funday

Sundays in the summer calls for.. Sunday Hats. I was getting ready for my best friend's birthday luau party and as I got dressed I started with this hat choice. Since I just had cut my hair and didn't have any idea what I wanted to do with it. The hat came to mind and I decided let me just wear this. I purchased the hat last summer in H&M. I knew I had just brought this light blue off the should ruffle top from H&M the other day. I matched it with some old embroidered jeans that I had for years now so I really don't remember where I got them. If you zoom in you may see the embroidery details on there. Keeping it simple I decided to where the go to sneakers of the summer, my classic stan smiths in green. And finally like always something spice up a very basic outfit, a bright lime green and clear clutch. This outfit was so fun and so Brooklyn, it gave me real day shenanigans vibes.  I enjoyed this look very much. 

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