#JoWears: Spice Up Your Fatigue

I found myself the other day in Urban Outfitters and stumbled on this beautiful fluffy sweater like jacket and it was on sale and I knew it was a must have. I love the over-sized comfortable look. Whenever I have something so big I try to balance it out with a crop top or something a little fitting to play it off. My top is from Forever 21 and these pants that I have for years now are from Urban as well. My rugged boots are from forever 21. I love love this look. If I had to choose one look to stick to for the rest of my life this would be it. Style for comfort and swag. I love the spice girl moments of the metallic top and then the tomboy big cargo pants. I just feel like there is nothing I can do in my outfit. Just FYI this sweater coat will be my new fav. Don't be surprised if you see it a few times on my IG