#JoWears: Shiny Things and Wedding Bells.


 So its wedding season, and of course its my fav season of the year. I love going to weddings they are the best parties ever. But weddings are also another runway. When you get that invite its your first thought, but what am I going to wear. I faced this difficulty the other day but luckily after doing some digging in my closet and found this never worn before dress sitting pretty. This gold dress is from Virgos Lounge. Love their pieces, they are so glam and bollywood vibes but still very chic. I am usually not a fan of all the shiny and glitter things because at times it can be too much. But I decided hey lets give it a chance. To dull it off I knew I wanted to wear a chocker. I purchased this choker shown at Zara it brought the entire look together giving me the wow factor. Not that the gold beaded dress didn't shine enough but I needed some wow shoes as well. Now after searching i realized i have no nude shoes, heck I don't have enough heels all around. But I had to make it work. I wore my silver sparking open toe heels from Guess. These are very old but manage to still keep up. I was a little hesitate at first wearing such bold bright yellow gold with a dark grey sparking heel, but I ended up loving it. The contrast of the colors gave me a earthy, royalty vibe. I wore a similar color dark grey handbag to bring everything together. My outfit was on and I was ready to hit the party.