#JoWEARS: Sexy & Prints

 I love when outfits like this come about. Today I literally just woke up and said imma try this skirt I just purchased for like $10 at Zara with the button down I got last season from Zara in the mens section. After playing around a lot with the shirt to make it fall perfectly. I got this little number for a fit. This is one of my most favorite outfits yet. Its simple but still very sexy. Sometimes we get caught up thinking sexy is how much skin you have out. Although this skirt is a mini skirt and yes the mini jean skirts are coming back with vengeance, the prints is what really made me feel sexy when i wore this outfit. I just felt bold and strong. Nothing screams sexy then confidence. Comment and let me know your thoughts about this outfit and share some pictures of outfits you felt you took a risk but felt the most confident. 



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