#JoWears: Quick Glam

A brisk day with a cool breeze, a day after NYE, I began my day in a rush and didn't even prepare for church a day after NYE, I did get dressed and take some pictures to document the moment. So I just looked in my closet and picked up anything.

The Run Down:
High waisted pants from virgos lounge, a sexy silky top from H&M and my shoes from there also. That top sat just right under my suit jacket and shell. The vintage or maybe just old suit top that has shrunk in my closet somehow is from Zara lol. And a removable fur neck piece which I found in the back of my closet, attachable to any coat or piece is my added touch to the black and white ensemble. I added hoops, the ghetto girl touch meets jazz it up. lol

I put a weave in and girl it's just like natural hair. On a condition and go bases mostly, but for the New Year, I decided to put soft curling rods in for a new look. A spiral curl even in my bangs. Next day the curls are looser. I washed my hair and put in the curl rods with a leave in conditioner yellow Cantu, love that one. I put the curl rods in the morning with conditioner and released my curls in the evening. I consecutively used this hair, washed and put it away til the next time. And even after putting it away I seem to love it still. My hair is from Ali express Brazilian curly. Link here. This is a full head and I have a closure in, because of the spiral curl it was so easy to create a full head. I cut it as a semi- bob and bangs. It was very new experience doing my hair myself, surprisingly the curl pattern was so tight and close to my head, all in all, it kept me warm lol.



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