Every Era, Each Day

Dress up, put on makeup, and get ready for the holiday.

In the decades before 2016, there are so many memorable costumes stemming from years before, full of influential characters and influences from Pop culture. Costumes come live on October 29th and 30th, Marvel charters, pop culture's favorite people and sexy version of every version come out. All this to celebrate the holiday, as looking I look in my closet this weekend I have so many different era's of clothing. I see so much 1970 clothing, so this season I choose an outfit that fits it. Let's celebrate all the costumes that will be out this past weekend and see if any of the era's fit into our closet today.

In the 70's it was Foxxy Cleopatra and Shaft the 80's it was Mr. T and MTV music videos and the 90's calling for all-star actors and singers and now we reach upon an era full a mash up of all fashion era's.  

Apart from costumes and trick- or- treat this holiday there are actually memorable clothes from each era, clothes that have their own personality and a signature style. From 70's flower A-line dresses and bell bottoms to 80's leg warmers and reeboks to 90's acid wash jackets and overalls. Each era dressing has it's own art to it, some people can do a mash up of many different eras, while other people stick strictly to one specific era head to toe. My closest I've noticed is full of each era but the 70's is one that we will begin with.


Jumpsuits, Patterns, clogs, flannel pants, polo T-shirts, windbreakers, stripped sweater the glam body suits and patterns mixed with glitter and strip sweater are all the rage. Ooh, this era was the introduction of the crop top, full of clothing changes (introduction to the mini shirt) and empowerment in dressing. You can find remanence of this style even in recent clothing. Check the Williamsburg's fashion scene or any fashion brand like Micheal Kors or Miu Miu.


Band T-shirt/ movie T-shirts, high-waisted pants, and overalls and shoulder pads, high waisted shirts, all workout spandex gear and cut off shirts, the occasional running shoe, and the kitten heel.
I doubt the bright color one peice spandex items, the mix of colors and ankle warmers may never make a comeback and neither is the kitten heel for fashionista's, but the 80's are full of fashion trends that pop up in recent culture now, look at all the athletic gear from Nike and Addidas people wear now. The overalls and high waisted jeans sure did make a young girl reminisce on that era.


Jelly shoes, platform sandals, plaid skirts, slip dresses and all. The minimalist fashion meets the extravagance of pliad head to toe and lots of punk rock themes. The 90's was all about celebration, with women in power suits and young girls in vibrant colors. The slip dress is here to stay along with a vibrant love for all things denim, chokers, platform leather shoes and leather jackets

All hail the girls who find the era that fits them, you may see some items in your own closet that reflect each era. Enjoy the Holiday season and remember dressing up is not just for that last weekend in October, but for everyday!